Friday, September 24, 2010

Foundation Year Part 3: Drawing

         Sometime in November, we were finally separated into the pathway of our choice. I was torn between Design for Performance and Fashion. At that point I was sick of looking at Fashion magazines and was more drawn to the ‘fun ’ aspect of performance design. But somehow I got into the fashion pathway, so I went with it. The sessions were extremely different than my fashion 101 classes.  We did a lot of draping: cutting up old garments and re-pinning them. Tons and tons of drawing, more than anything else.
        That’s one thing I never did or probably will not get- the odd mystical creature of the fashion figure. (8 feet tall, small head, small torso, long legs, weighing 80 pounds, distorted proportions, androgynous yet feminine, not to fashion-y, not fat, no boobs, the list of the ideal qualities goes on…).  

Some drawings done during my time in the fashion pathway.

I had asked probably 10 different fashion authorities on what I was doing wrong, all with conflicting opinions on what was right. When I would try to do something that I thought was experimental, it wouldn’t look ‘right’. But then again, according to the tutors, nothing in art was wrong. But I wasn’t getting it right according to them. I started to hate drawing. Luckily, eventually choosing the right pathway that fit me, made me less frustrated.   Not everyone can be a fashion designer, after all.

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